Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Installing Rmagick on Windows Using Ruby 1.8.6

Rmagick tends to be tricky to install, but on windows its relatively simple, except for the fact that if you freshly installed ruby 1.8.6, ruby gems needs to be updated. If you install ruby 1.8.6 and then go to ruby.forge and download rmagick for windows. Extract the zip folder, run the .exe, then open a command line, cd (change directory) to the install folder and do “gem install rmagick —local”. The first time you do this, you might run into the “Error installing gem RMagick (version) .gem[.gem]: buffer error”. To fix that run “gem update —system” with double hyphens and then run “gem install rmagick —local” and everything should now install fine.

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  1. hi chirag
    thanks for blog on rmagick its very useful to me.


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